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📄 Digital Construction & BIM in Greece-[ΕΝ].

Updated: May 17, 2021

Intro: We attended TEE's conference about explaing the current development and the future of Digital Construction & BIM in Greece. Following the conference we noticed that there wasn't great mention on BIM about SME's. SMEs represent 98% percent of the Greek construction sector ​.


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​​Digitalisation is important for SMEs in construction they represent 98% of construction sector. The “Informal” type of construction that was organically adopted in Greece fostered an condition of ambiguous procurement and inaccurate budgeting of the construction quantities. However, the current economic conditions following the crisis of 2008 suggests the need to adopt a collaborative approach between project parties and avoidance of personal tactics. Applying BIM principles to a standard SME would lead to the reduction of risk in an investment and also to the collection of data throughout the lifecycle of the project. This accumulated knowledge would improve the current construction regime by creating a structured quality control methodology. It is imperative for professionals to understand that BIM is the process of value creating collaboration through the entire life-cycle of an asset rather than just a 3D CAD software. Is the way we handle information.

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