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Our vision, ILFI & LFE:

We collaborate with Living Future EU and ILFI to create a built environment that could deliver the ILFI's core principles whilst it makes good financial sense. We strongly feel that sustainability should not be an excess process of design, instead it should be fully embedded within all other systems and processes. 


We are proud to be the 1st to register a CORE and ZERO CARBON projects in Greece and we will carry on doing so for our clients reducing their transitional risk today.

LF Collaborative Greece:

We act as volunteers on behalf of ILFI and LF EU in Athens, Greece. We have been devoted to the ILFI vision since 2016 when we first started in London, UK. Become part of the ILFI network by contacting the local facilitator. The LF Collaborative Greece focuses in creating buildings that will be future proof investments, socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative. More: here

ILFI Certification Programmes: 

Zero carbon session



The Core Green Building Certification℠ (Core) is a simple framework that outlines the 10 best practice achievements that a building must obtain to be considered a green or sustainable building. It puts the connection to nature, equity and the need for a building to be balanced with water, energy and material concerns.



Zero Carbon certification is the only standard that actually measures the decarbonization, not just rewards carbon calculations or modest reductions. Zero Carbon buildings operate efficiently, phase out combustion, and use renewables. They are the safest properties when weather or energy markets shift. The world's largest companies, investors, and cities are already decarbonizing. 



Zero Energy buildings have best in class energy efficiency improvements of 60-90% over baseline. Its Residents and employees are able to connect with the building by learning to limit their own energy use. It also is an alternative to fossil fuels.

The crosswalk between ILFI and Passive House Inst. consider these certification programmes to be highly complementary. More on the crosswalk here

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