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📄 BIM Seminar for EU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network [EN]

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Alexandros Galatoulas Director of and Collaborative Facilitator of LBCC Greece presented a training seminar for EUGCC Clean Energy Technology Network and for Oman Institute for Oil and Gas - instOG on 'Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency as key drivers for Energy Transitions'. Our Presentation shared knowledge on #BIM Fundamentals and how it how we can use BIM's framework to achieve a #digital #transformation whilst including #renewables #energy in our processes.

The network fosters a stategic partnership between #EU and #GCC countries.

More than 200 people attended the event from the EU and GCC area.

Key highlights from the session were one, ISO19650 and the BIM Standards for Construction Industry in terms of Information requirementsm Information Model and Collaborative Practices;

and two how BIM contributes towards building with positive enviromental impact, the UN SDGs and climate change.

More information on:

Attached the slides from the seminar!

210327 AG - BIM Fundamentals Final
Download PDF • 2.31MB

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