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📣 "Crosswalk of ILFI's Net Zero Programe and Passive House Institute"-[ΕΝ]

Updated: May 17, 2021

ILFI and PASSIVE HOUSE INSTITUTE announce new crosswalk.

It was agreed that the two organizations should collaborate on a Crosswalk, a guidebook to support certification under both programs highlighting similarities and differences between requirements, and underscoring elements that need to be factored in early. Buildings that design and build to the PH standard and then pursue ZE with renewables not only have the best chance of achieving ZE, but if successful, are the ultimate low energy buildings. The more the performance data required by ZE certification validates the PH design and modeling approach, the more solidified the case for PH becomes. And so on, as more buildings achieve both certifications, their outcomes and value are mutually reinforced. And in the end, the real winner is the planet.



ZERO ENERGY + PHIUS crosswalk: Here.

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