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📣1st Regenerative Conference: COST Action RESTORE - ATH21[EN]

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

On 12/03/21 XYZ organised the 1st regenerative conference in Greece to drive along with our EU and our local network, a sustainable and restorative future in Greece.

We introduced the Living Building Challange and the International Living Future Institute programmes and the importance that BIM (Building Information Modelling) has in procurement for Athenian SMEs so they can achieve sustainable buildings.

We want to thank COST RESTORE and EURAC Research for trusting us with this opportunity. The American College of Greece for hosting us in their premises and our local colleagues for their participation in the conference such as, Living Future Greek Collaborative, INZEB, Daskalakis & Associates and NetZero.

COST is the longest-running European framework supporting trans-national cooperation among researchers, engineers and scholars across Europe. Sustainable buildings and facilities are critical to a future that is socially just, ecologically restorative, culturally rich and economically viable within the climate change context. Despite over a decade of strategies and programmes, progress on built environment sustainability fails to address these key issues. Consequently the built environment sector no longer has the luxury of being incrementally less bad, but, with urgency, needs to adopt net-positive, restorative sustainability thinking to incrementally do ‘more good’.

The RESTORE Action affects a paradigm shift towards restorative sustainability for new and existing buildings across Europe, promoting forward thinking and multidisciplinary knowledge, leading to solutions that celebrate the richness of design creativity while enhancing users’ experience, comfort, health, wellbeing and satisfaction inside and outside buildings, and in harmony with urban and natural ecosystems, reconnecting users to nature.

More than 150 European Reaserachers from 40 countries presented their reasearch and publications resulted from the 5 Working Groups:

WG1 Restorative Sustainability

WG2 Restorative Design

WG3 Restorative Building and Operations

WG4 Rethinking Technology

WG5 Scale Jumping

We hope this event will inspire future synergies and partenerships and become the start to an annual event that could bring EU & local sustainability forces together, so it can create a built environment that is responsive to our current needs which are driven by climate change.

Presentations from COST RESTORE ATH'21:

Videos from the day are availiable on COST RESTORE Channel:

  1. Welcome: Claudia Carydis-Benepoulou - Vice President of Public Affairs at the ACG.

  2. RESTORE Introduction: Alexandros Galatoulas - LF Collaborative Greece Facilitator - XYZ Design/Build Director, LFA, CPHD.

  3. Restorative Sustainability: Edeltraud Haselsteiner - Alpen-Adria Universität, Faculty for Architecture and Planning, Klagenfurt - Austria.

  4. Restorative Building and Operations: Giulia Peretti - Werner Sobek Green Technologies - Germany.

  5. Rethinking Technology: Wilmer Pasut -Ca' Foscari University of Venice - Italy.

  6. Scale jumping: Jelena Brajkovich (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture - Serbia).

  7. Introduction to Living Building Challenge and Declare: Alexandros Galatoulas - LF Collaborative Greece Facilitator - XYZ Design/Build Director, LFA, CPHD.

  8. Crosswalk PHI vs ZERO ENERGY: Aggeliki Stathopoulou - Director of Net Zero, Certified Passive House Designer, ILFI Ambassador.

  9. Policies and Financing tools: Alice Corovessi - Founder of INZEB.

  10. Panelist discussion Restore Targets and Reality in Athens Part 1

  11. Panelist discussion Restore Targets and Reality in Athens Part 2

  12. RESTORE and beyond: materials for dissemination: Jelena Bleiziffer - Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

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