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  • Alexandros Galatoulas

Webinar:COBie Basics for SMEs - CPD Certified

New course announcement by #BIMDesignHub. The #COBie Basics for SMEs course provides an understanding of the scope and the structure of Construction Operations Building Information Exchange, COBie, helps you synthesize your COBie knowledge, and recognizes the key concepts of COBie spreadsheet content and deliverables.

Instructor: Alex Galatoulas, Director at, MEng, MSc, CPHD, LFA

Link to the course: COBie Basics for SMEs | BIM Design Hub


❶Training features: Self-paced study, portfolio activity, quiz, further study material, downloads, and an assessment test.

❷CPD certified training: Successful completion of the courses results in a CPD certificate with international recognition.

❸6 months access - learn at your own pace, 24/7 from your office or home.

❹Video training overview: A video overview of the training can be found here:

Who is the course for: Asset owners/operators construction industry professionals who need to understand COBie requirements.


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