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Zero Carbon, Zero Energy. An accelerated path to the decarbonisation of the European built environment.

We are excited to announce that Alexandros Galatoulas, as part of the LFE TAG group, produce this insightfull report on the benefits of the ZERO CARBON certification in relation to the new revision of EPBD.

This document refers to the current and in progress regulations and initiatives in the EU and UK addressing the decarbonisation of the built environment. However, it is expected that more of these requirements would be further developed over the following months. Note that this document tracks the alignment and relevance of the Zero Carbon program and certification (ZC) and the Zero Energy program and certification (ZE) in comparison to the EU and UK regulations and initiatives. With the understanding that project teams will need to adopt eventually the decarbonisation target requirements, we thought this document will help them explore the extent of these requirements and also present how the programmes developed by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) and promoted in Europe by Living Future Europe (LFE) can help towards a smoother ecological transition. We recognise that this can be a challenging process but a more radical approach in the way we design and build our buildings is now more than needed, if we want to reduce in a much more effective way the greenhouse gases emissions the built environment produces.

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