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LBC as a Path to the EU Taxonomy

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Finally "LBC as a path to the EU Taxonomy" is here!

We have achieved this result by working with incredible colleagues and friends! Special thanks to Dr. Zeinab AlameddineCarlo BattistiLoredana STASISIN and Marzia Traverso.

This document tracks the alignment and relevance of the Living Building Challenge 4.0 (LBC) standard in comparison to the EU Taxonomy. With the understanding that project teams will need to adopt eventually the Taxonomy requirements, we thought this document will help them explore the extent of these requirements and also present how the programmes developed by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) and promoted in Europe by Living Future Europe (LFE) can help towards a smoother transition.

You can attend the free webinar tomorrow within the LFE 2022 Masterclass to know more on the EU Taxonomy and receive your copy of the booklet.

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