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📣LFE - Technical Advisory Group [EN]

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Global climate, social and economic issues require a rapid change of paradigm in the concept of sustainability, necessitating a profound transition towards a regenerative scenario. The progress in addressing these global issues with a ‘green building’ perspective has been barely visible so far.

A determining acceleration in implementation is now needed, leaving the mainstream behind, cornering green washing, and catalysing all our best energies towards a Living Future.

This passes also through an accurate analysis and benchmarking work with regard to European and country specific regulations and existing frameworks.

We are excited that Alexandros Galatoulas is part of The LFE Technical Advisory Group (TAG) which includes selected passionate experts from all over Europe and is working on analysing, comparing, and producing documents & reports on • specific regional standard changes for the adoption of ILFI certification • crosswalk documents on ILFI programs and other standards or policies relevant to the Europe • harmonisation between ILFI programs and the existing / in progress regulations at a European or National level

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